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Pronunciation of Past: Learn how to pronounce Past in English correctly

Learn how to say Past correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word past:

gone by in time and no longer existing:
the danger is now past
[attributive] belonging to a former time:
they made a study of the reasons why past attempts had failed
he is a past chairman of the society
[attributive] (of a specified period of time) occurring before and leading up to the time of speaking or writing:
the band has changed over the past twelve months
[attributive] Grammar (of a tense) expressing an action that has happened or a state that previously existed.
1 (usually the past) the time before the moment of speaking or writing:
she found it hard to make ends meet in the past
the war-damaged church is preserved as a reminder of the past
the history of a person or place:
the monuments act as guidelines through the country’s colourful past
informal a part of a person’s history that is considered to be shameful:
the heroine was a lady with a past
2 Grammar a past tense or form of a verb:
a simple past of the first conjugation
1to or on the further side of:
he rode on past the crossroads
in front of or from one side to the other of:
he began to drive slowly past the houses
2beyond in time; later than:
by this time it was past 3.30
my watch said twenty past twelve
3no longer capable of:
he is past giving the best advice
beyond the limits or scope of:
I was long past caring and immediately fell asleep on the bed
1so as to pass from one side of something to the other:
a flotilla of glossy limousines swept past
2used to indicate the lapse of time:
a week went past and nothing changed