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Pronunciation of Parenchyma: Learn how to pronounce Parenchyma in English correctly

Learn how to say Parenchyma correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word parenchyma:

[mass noun] Anatomy
the functional tissue of an organ as distinguished from the connective and supporting tissue:
the liver parenchyma
Botany the cellular tissue, typically soft and succulent, found chiefly in the softer parts of leaves, pulp of fruits, bark and pith of stems, etc.:
xylem parenchyma cells
Zoology cellular tissue lying between the body wall and the organs of invertebrate animals lacking a coelom, such as flatworms.


adjective (chiefly Anatomy)

Pronunciation: /-ˈkɪmətəs/

adjective (chiefly Botany)

mid 17th century: from Greek parenkhuma ‘something poured in besides’, from para- ‘beside’ + enkhuma ‘infusion’