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Pronunciation of Paraffinic: Learn how to pronounce Paraffinic in English correctly

Learn how to say Paraffinic correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word paraffin:

(also paraffin wax) [mass noun] chiefly British a flammable, whitish, translucent, waxy solid consisting of a mixture of saturated hydrocarbons, obtained by distillation from petroleum or shale and used in candles, cosmetics, polishes, and sealing and waterproofing compounds.
(also paraffin oil or liquid paraffin) a colourless, flammable, oily liquid similarly obtained and used as fuel, especially kerosene.
[count noun] Chemistryold-fashioned term for alkane.
mid 19th century: from German, from Latin parum ‘little’ + affinis ‘related’ (from its low reactivity)