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Pronunciation of Panning: Learn how to pronounce Panning in English correctly

Learn how to say Panning correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word pan:

1a metal container used for cooking food in:
heat the olive oil in a heavy pan
an amount of something contained in a pan:
a pan of hot water
2a bowl or other container, in particular:
a bowl fitted at either end of a pair of scales:
she sifted flour on to the wide brass pan of the scales
British the bowl of a toilet:
peroxide is what they put down the lavatory to disinfect the pan
a large container used in a technical or manufacturing process for subjecting a material to heat or a mechanical or chemical process.
a steel drum.
a shallow bowl in which gold is separated from gravel and mud by agitation and washing:
he washed the gold-free surface gravel out over the rim of the pan
a part of the lock that held the priming in old types of gun:
prime the pan, pour the powder down the barrel, then ram in the cartridge’s paper and ball
3a hard stratum of compacted soil:
heavy spikes can be useful in breaking a surface pan in grassland
4a hollow in the ground in which water may collect or in which a deposit of salt remains after water has evaporated.
5US informal a person’s face.
verb (pans, panning, panned)
[with object]
1 informal criticize severely:
the movie was panned by the critics
2wash gravel in a pan to separate out (gold):
the old-timers panned gold
[no object]:
prospectors panned for gold in the Yukon
[no object] (pan out) (of gravel) yield gold.