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Pronunciation of Pair: Learn how to pronounce Pair in English correctly

Learn how to say Pair correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word pair:

1a set of two things used together or regarded as a unit:
a pair of gloves
three pairs of shoes
two playing cards of the same denomination:
Jacobs had two pairs
two people related in some way or considered together:
a company run by a pair of brothers
get out, the pair of you
the second member of a pair in relation to the first:
each course member tries to persuade his pair of the merits of his model
a mated couple of animals:
76 pairs of red kites
two horses harnessed side by side:
she enjoys driving her pair
either or both of two members of a legislative assembly on opposite sides who absent themselves from voting by mutual arrangement, leaving the relative position of the parties unaffected:
one minister was flatly refused a pair by his Tory opposite number
2an article consisting of two joined or corresponding parts not used separately:
a pair of jeans
a pair of scissors
[with object]
put together or join to form a pair:
a cardigan paired with a matching skirt
[no object] (of animals) form a pair for breeding purposes:
killer whales pair for life
[no object] (pair off/up) form a romantic or sexual relationship:
my friends had paired off and I was the only one playing the field
give (a member of a legislative assembly) another member as a pair, to allow both to absent themselves from a vote without affecting the result:
arrangements are usually made between the party whips for an absent member on one side to be paired with an absentee on the other