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Pronunciation of Pads: Learn how to pronounce Pads in English correctly

Learn how to say Pads correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word pad:

1a thick piece of soft material, typically used to protect or shape something, or to absorb liquid:
a pad of cotton wool
a protective guard worn by a sports player to protect a part of the body:
cricket pads
2the fleshy underpart of an animal’s foot or of a human finger:
a dog’s pads will bleed profusely if cut
3a number of sheets of blank paper fastened together at one edge, used for writing or drawing:
she sketched something on a big white pad
4a flat-topped structure or area used for helicopter take-off and landing or for rocket-launching:
an office building with a helicopter pad
5 informal a person’s home:
the police raided my pad
6 Electronics a flat area on a track of a printed circuit or on the edge of an integrated circuit to which wires or component leads can be attached to make an electrical connection.
verb (pads, padding, padded)
[with object]
1 (often as adjective padded) fill or cover (something) with a soft material in order to protect or shape it or to make it more comfortable:
a padded envelope
2 (pad something out) lengthen a speech or piece of writing with unnecessary material:
don’t pad out your answer to make it seem impressive
3North American defraud by adding false items to (an expenses claim or bill):
padded expenses for government work reaped billions of dollars for the Mafia
4 [no object] (pad up) put on protective pads in order to play a sport, especially cricket:
at the age of 90, he still pads up ready to bat
Cricket (of a batsman) deliberately use one’s pads to block a ball:
Childs fooled the youngster into padding up to a ball which didn’t spin away

mid 16th century (in the sense ‘bundle of straw to lie on’): the senses may not be of common origin; the meaning ‘underpart of an animal’s foot’ is perhaps related to Low German pad ‘sole of the foot’; the history remains obscure