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Pronunciation of Overturned: Learn how to pronounce Overturned in English correctly

Learn how to say Overturned correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word overturn:

Pronunciation: /əʊvəˈtəːn/
[with object]
1tip (something) over so that it is on its side or upside down:
the crowd proceeded to overturn cars and set them on fire
[no object] turn over and come to rest upside down:
a coach hit a car and overturned
2abolish, invalidate, or reverse (a previous system, decision, situation, etc.):
the results overturned previous findings
he fought for eight years to overturn a conviction for armed robbery
Pronunciation: /ˈəʊvətəːn/
an act of overturning something.
[mass noun] Ecology the occasional (typically twice yearly) mixing of the water of a thermally stratified lake.