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Pronunciation of Overlook: Learn how to pronounce Overlook in English correctly

Learn how to say Overlook correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word overlook:

Pronunciation: /əʊvəˈlʊk/
[with object]
1fail to notice:
he seems to have overlooked one important fact
ignore or disregard (something, especially a fault or offence):
she was more than ready to overlook his faults
pass over (someone) in favour of another:
he was overlooked by the Nobel committee
2have a view of from above:
the chateau overlooks fields of corn and olive trees
(be overlooked) (of a place) be open to view and so lack privacy:
it’s better if the property isn’t overlooked
3 archaic supervise:
he was overlooking his harvest men
4 archaic bewitch with the evil eye:
they told them they were overlooked by some unlucky Person
Pronunciation: /ˈəʊvəlʊk/
North American
a commanding position or view:
the overlook to the townsite