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Pronunciation of Overalls: Learn how to pronounce Overalls in English correctly

Learn how to say Overalls correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word overall:

Pronunciation: /ˈəʊvərɔːl/
taking everything into account:
the governors and head have overall responsibility for managing the school
the overall effect is impressive
Pronunciation: /əʊvərˈɔːl/
[sentence adverb]
taken as a whole; in all:
overall, 10,000 jobs will go
Pronunciation: /ˈəʊvərɔːl/
(usually overalls) British
a loose-fitting coat or one-piece garment worn, typically over ordinary clothes, for protection against dirt or heavy wear:
men in grubby blue overalls
a pair of overalls
(overalls) British close-fitting trousers formerly worn as part of an army uniform, now only on ceremonial or formal occasions.
North American dungarees.

Pronunciation: /ˈəʊvərɔːld/