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Pronunciation of Over-The-Counter: Learn how to pronounce Over-The-Counter in English correctly

Learn how to say Over-The-Counter correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word counter:

1a long flat-topped fitment across which business is conducted in a shop or bank or refreshments are served in a cafeteria.
North American a worktop.
2a small disc used in board games for keeping the score or as a place marker.
a token representing a coin.
a factor used to give one party an advantage in negotiations:
the proposal has become a crucial bargaining counter over prices
3a device used for counting:
the counter tells you how many pictures you have taken
a person who counts something, for example votes in an election.
Physics an apparatus used for counting individual ionizing particles or events.

behind the counter
serving in a shop or bank:
he drove to the store and flirted with two sisters behind the counter
over the counter
by ordinary retail purchase, with no need for a prescription or licence:
[as modifier]:
over-the-counter medicines
(of share transactions) taking place outside the stock exchange system.
under the counter (or table)
(with reference to goods bought or sold) surreptitiously and typically illegally:
hard porn is legally banned, but still available under the counter
[as modifier]:
an under-the-counter deal