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Pronunciation of Over: Learn how to pronounce Over in English correctly

Learn how to say Over correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word over:

1extending directly upwards from:
I saw flames over Berlin
cook the sauce over a moderate heat
above so as to cover or protect:
an oxygen tent over the bed
ladle this sauce over fresh pasta
extending above (an area) from a vantage point:
views over Hyde Park
2at a higher level or layer than:
his flat was over the shop
higher in rank than:
over him is the financial director
expressing authority or control:
editorial control over what is included
expressing preference:
I’d choose the well-known brand over that one
expressing majority:
there was a slight predominance of boys over girls
higher in volume or pitch than:
he shouted over the noise of the taxis
3higher or more than (a specified number or quantity):
over 40 degrees C
they’ve been married for over a year
4expressing passage or trajectory across:
she trudged over the lawn
beyond and falling or hanging from:
he toppled over the side of the boat
at the other side of; beyond:
over the hill is a small village
5expressing duration:
you’ve given us a lot of heartache over the years
she told me over coffee
6expressing the medium by which something is done; by means of:
a voice came over the loudspeaker
7on the subject of:
a long and heated debate over unemployment
1expressing passage or trajectory across an area:
he leant over and tapped me on the hand
in or to the place indicated:
I’m over here
2beyond and falling or hanging from a point:
she knocked the jug over
3used to express action and result:
the car flipped over
hand the money over
the match is over
message understood, over and out
4used to express repetition of a process:
the jukebox plays every song twice over
the sums will have to be done over again
a sequence of six balls bowled by a bowler from one end of the pitch, after which another bowler takes over from the other end.

be over
no longer be affected by:
we were over the worst
get something over with
do or undergo something unpleasant or difficult, so as to be rid of it.
over against
1adjacent to:
over against the wall
2in contrast with:
over against heaven is hell
over and above
in addition to:
exceptional service over and above what normally might be expected
over and done with
completely finished.
over and over
again and again:
doing the same thing over and over again

Old English ofer, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch over and German ├╝ber, from an Indo-European word (originally a comparative of the element represented by -ove in above) which is also the base of Latin super and Greek huper