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Pronunciation of Outsides: Learn how to pronounce Outsides in English correctly

Learn how to say Outsides correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word outside:

Pronunciation: /aʊtˈsʌɪd, ˈaʊtsʌɪd/
the external side or surface of something:
record the date on the outside of the file
the part of a path nearer to a road or further from a wall.
the side of a bend or curve where the edge or surface is longer in extent.
(outsides) the outer sheets of a ream of paper.
the external appearance of someone or something:
was he as straight as he appeared on the outside?
Pronunciation: /ˈaʊtsʌɪd/
1situated on or near the exterior or external surface of something:
Anne put the outside lights on
(in hockey, soccer, and other sports) denoting positions nearer to the sides of the field:
he played at outside left
2not belonging to or coming from within a particular group:
the use of outside contractors will speed up the process
beyond one’s own immediate personal concerns:
I was able to face the outside world again
preposition & adverb
Pronunciation: /aʊtˈsʌɪd/
1situated or moving beyond the confines or boundaries of:
[as preposition]:
there was a boy outside the door
I stepped outside the marquee for a breather
[as adverb]:
the dog was still barking outside
we ran outside
not being a member of (a particular group):
[as preposition]:
critics outside the government
(in soccer, rugby, and other sports) closer to the side of the field than (another player):
[as preposition]:
Swift appeared outside him with the powerful Fallon overlapping on his left
2 [preposition] beyond the limits or scope of:
the switchboard is not staffed outside normal office hours