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Pronunciation of Outs: Learn how to pronounce Outs in English correctly

Learn how to say Outs correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word out:

away from, forth from, or removed from a place, position, or situation ⇒ they live ten miles out
away from home ⇒ to go out for dinner
away from shore
on strike
into or in the open air ⇒ come out and play
into or in existence or activity ⇒ disease broke out
to a conclusion or result ⇒ argue it out
completely, fully, or to the point of exhaustion ⇒ tired out, dry out
in full bloom, or in leaf
into sight or notice ⇒ the moon came out
into or in circulation ⇒ to put out a new style
into or in society ⇒ debutantes who come out
from existence, operation, or activity ⇒ fade out, burn out, die out
so as to remove from power or office ⇒ vote them out
forcefully; aloud ⇒ sing out, speak out
beyond a regular or normal surface, condition, or position ⇒ stand out, eke out, lengthen out
away from the interior, center, or midst [spread out, reach out, branch out] (sometimes implying sharing or dividing [deal out, sort out])
from one state, as of composure, harmony, or agreement, into another, as of annoyance, discord, or disagreement ⇒ to feel put out; friends may fall out
into or in disuse, discard, or obsolescence ⇒ long skirts went out
from a number, group, or stock ⇒ pick out
(slang) into or in unconsciousness ⇒ to pass out
(baseball) in a manner that results in an out ⇒ to fly out
external (usually in combination [outpost, outfield])
beyond regular limits
outlying; remote
going or directed outward ⇒ an out flight
away from work, school, etc. ⇒ out because of sickness
bared because of torn clothing, etc. ⇒ out at the elbow
deviating from what is accurate or right ⇒ out in one’s estimates
not in effective use, operation, etc.
turned off; extinguished
not to be considered; not possible
in disagreement; at variance
that is not successful or in power
deliberating in order to reach a verdict ⇒ the jury is still out
(US, informal) having suffered a financial loss ⇒ out fifty dollars
(informal) no longer popular, fashionable, etc.; outmoded
(informal) publicly identified as being homosexual
(baseball) failing or having failed to get on base
out of; through to the outside ⇒ he walked out the door
along, and away from a central location or some other point of departure ⇒ to drive out a country road
(old-fashioned, poetic) forth from (usually preceded by the preposition from used without a distinct meaning or syntactic function) ⇒ a rousing cry from out the trumpet’s throat
something that is out
a person, group, etc. that is not in power, in office, or in a favored position (usually used in pl.)
(US, slang) a way out; means of avoiding something; excuse
(US, baseball) the failure of a batter or runner to reach base safely
(US, printing)
the omission of a word or words
the word or words omitted
(racket sports) a service or return that lands out of bounds
intransitive verb
to come out; esp., to become known ⇒ the truth will out
transitive verb
(mainly dialect) to put out
(US, informal) to identify publicly as a homosexual (a person not previously so identified)
get out; go away; begone
communication completed (term used in radio communication)