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Pronunciation of Ourself: Learn how to pronounce Ourself in English correctly

Learn how to say Ourself correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word ourself:

[first person plural]
1used instead of ‘ourselves’ typically when ‘we’ refers to people in general rather than a definite group of people:
we must choose which aspects of ourself to express to the world
this is our affair—we deal with it ourself
2 archaic used instead of ‘myself’ by a sovereign or other person in authority:
witnessed ourself at Southampton this thirteenth day of October
The standard reflexive form corresponding to we and us is ourselves, as in we can only blame ourselves. The singular form ourself, first recorded in the 14th century, is sometimes used in modern English, typically where ‘we’ refers to people in general. This use, though logical, is uncommon and not widely accepted in standard English.