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Pronunciation of Otherwise: Learn how to pronounce Otherwise in English correctly

Learn how to say Otherwise correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word otherwise:

1in circumstances different from those present or considered; or else:
the collection is a good draw that brings visitors who might not come otherwise
I’m not motivated by money, otherwise I would have quit
2in other respects; apart from that:
an otherwise totally black cat with a single white whisker
3in a different way:
he means mischief—it’s no good pretending otherwise
all the staff were otherwise engaged
as an alternative:
the Cosa Nostra, otherwise known as the Brotherhood
in a different state or situation:
I would that it were otherwise
or (or and) otherwise
indicating the opposite of or a contrast to something stated:
we don’t want a president, elected or otherwise
Old English on ōthre wisan (see other, wise2)