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Pronunciation of Oscillating: Learn how to pronounce Oscillating in English correctly

Learn how to say Oscillating correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word oscillate:

[no object]
1move or swing back and forth in a regular rhythm:
the grain pan near the front of the combine oscillates back and forth
[with adverbial] vary or fluctuate between two states, limits, opinions, etc.:
he was oscillating between fear and bravery
2 Physics vary in magnitude or position in a regular manner about a central point.
(of a circuit or device) cause the electric current or voltage running through it to behave in this way.

Pronunciation: /ɒˈsɪlət(ə)ri, ˈɒsɪləˌt(ə)ri/

early 18th century: from Latin oscillat- ‘swung’, from the verb oscillare