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Pronunciation of Offline: Learn how to pronounce Offline in English correctly

Learn how to say Offline correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word offline:

of, relating to, or concerned with a part of a computer system not connected to the central processing unit but controlled by a computer storage device See online
disconnected from a computer; switched off
extra to or not involving a continuous sequence of operations, such as a production line
(radio, television) (of processes, such as editing) not carried out on the actual transmission medium
while not connected to a computer or the internet
Example Sentences Including ‘offline’

B, is programmed to flood Microsoft’s website and put it offline with a denial of service (DoS) attack, starting Tuesday.
Barnes & Noble tried to apply its store experience to the internet, duplicating online what had worked offline.
Internet and new media will enable extension of its offline brands.
Corporate Research Foundation TOP MARKETING AND MEDIA COMPANIES IN THE UK (2002)
The big thing now is the integration of both online and offline marketing.
The scholarly search effort continues Google’s effort to probe even deeper into content available online and offline.
You give them the big picture, thematic leadership stuff, and use your offline to drive traffic online for business development.