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Pronunciation of Obligations: Learn how to pronounce Obligations in English correctly

Learn how to say Obligations correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word obligation:

an act or course of action to which a person is morally or legally bound; a duty or commitment:
[with infinitive]:
I have an obligation to look after her
[mass noun] the condition of being morally or legally bound to do something:
they are under no obligation to stick to the scheme
a debt of gratitude for a service or favour:
she didn’t want to be under an obligation to him
Law a binding agreement committing a person to a payment or other action.

day of obligation

(in the Roman Catholic Church) a day on which all are required to attend Mass.



Middle English (in the sense ‘formal promise’): via Old French from Latin obligatio(n-), from the verb obligare (see oblige)