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Pronunciation of Nutmegs: Learn how to pronounce Nutmegs in English correctly

Learn how to say Nutmegs correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word nutmeg:

1the hard, aromatic, almost spherical seed of a tropical tree.
[mass noun] nutmegs grated and used as a spice:
hot milk flavoured with nutmeg
2the evergreen tree that bears nutmegs, native to the Moluccas.
Myristica fragrans, family Myristicaceae
3 Soccer, informal an instance of playing the ball through an opponent’s legs.
[extended use of obsolete nutmegs ‘testicles’]
verb (nutmegs, nutmegging, nutmegged)
[with object] Soccer, informal
play the ball through the legs of (an opponent):
Brady drifted past three defenders, nutmegging the third with ease

late Middle English notemuge, partial translation of Old French nois muguede, based on Latin nux ‘nut’ + late Latin muscus ‘musk’