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Pronunciation of Nurses: Learn how to pronounce Nurses in English correctly

Learn how to say Nurses correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word nurse:

1a person trained to care for the sick or infirm, especially in a hospital:
a team of doctors and nurses
a psychiatric nurse
dated a person employed or trained to take charge of young children:
her mother’s old nurse
archaic a wet nurse.
2 Entomology a worker bee, ant, or other social insect, caring for a young brood.
[often as modifier] Forestry a tree or crop planted as a shelter to others:
these plants grow beneath nurse trees such as oak
[with object]
1give medical and other attention to (a sick person):
he was gradually nursed back to health
[no object] work as a nurse:
she nursed at the hospital for thirty years
try to cure or alleviate (an injury, injured part, or illness) by treating it carefully and protectively:
he has been nursing a cold
he nursed his hurt pride
harbour (a belief or feeling), especially for a long time:
he still nursed a secret desire to try and make amends
take special care of, especially to promote development or well-being:
our political unity needs to be protected and nursed
2feed (a baby) at the breast:
(as adjective nursing)
nursing mothers
[no object] be fed at the breast:
the baby snuffled as he nursed
(be nursed in) dated be brought up in (a specified condition):
he was nursed in the lap of plenty
3hold closely and carefully or caressingly:
he nursed his small case on his lap
hold (a drink), sipping it occasionally:
I nursed a double brandy
4 Billiards & Snooker try to play strokes which keep (the balls) close together.

late Middle English: contraction of earlier nourice, from Old French, from late Latin nutricia, feminine of Latin nutricius ‘(person) that nourishes’, from nutrix, nutric- ‘nurse’, from nutrire ‘nourish’. The verb was originally a contraction of nourish, altered under the influence of the noun