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Pronunciation of Nulling: Learn how to pronounce Nulling in English correctly

Learn how to say Nulling correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word null:

1 [predic.] having no legal or binding force; invalid:
the establishment of a new interim government was declared null and void
2having or associated with the value zero.
Mathematics (of a set or matrix) having no elements, or only zeros as elements.
3lacking distinctive qualities; having no positive substance or content:
his curiously null life
1 literary a zero.
2a dummy letter in a cipher.
3 Electronics a condition of no signal.
a direction in which no electromagnetic radiation is detected or emitted.
[with object] Electronics
combine (a signal) with another in order to create a null; cancel out:
the tumour can be more readily identified by nulling the high signal from bone marrow

late Middle English: from French nul, nulle, from Latin nullus ‘none’, from ne ‘not’ + ullus ‘any’