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Pronunciation of Nounal: Learn how to pronounce Nounal in English correctly

Learn how to say Nounal correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word noun:

a word (other than a pronoun) used to identify any of a class of people, places, or things (common noun), or to name a particular one of these (proper noun).



late Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French, from Latin nomen ‘name’


Nouns are words used to identify people, places, things, and ideas. As a grammatical class, nouns satisfy most or all of the following tests: Number: they have a singular and a plural form:
one car, two cars one child, several children
Determiners: they can be preceded by a, an, or the:
a child an apple the cars
Modifiers: they can be modified by an adjective placed before them:
a young child a ripe apple the new cars
Phrases: they can form the headword of a noun phrase:
a ripe red apple ready to eat the new cars on the forecourt
Nouns fall into a number of broad groups, each of which has a separate entry in this A–Z: