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Pronunciation of Notice: Learn how to pronounce Notice in English correctly

Learn how to say Notice correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word notice:

the act of perceiving; observation; attention ⇒ to escape notice
See take notice
See take no notice of
information about a future event; warning; announcement
a displayed placard or announcement giving information
advance notification of intention to end an arrangement, contract, etc, as of renting or employment (esp in the phrase give notice)
See at short notice
See at two hours’ notice
(mainly British) dismissal from employment
favourable, interested, or polite attention ⇒ she was beneath his notice
a theatrical or literary review ⇒ the play received very good notices
verb (transitive)
to become conscious or aware of; perceive; note
to point out or remark upon
to pay polite or interested attention to
to recognize or acknowledge (an acquaintance)
Word Origin
C15: via Old French from Latin notitia fame, from nōtus known, celebrated