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Pronunciation of Note: Learn how to pronounce Note in English correctly

Learn how to say Note correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word note:

1a brief record of points or ideas written down as an aid to memory:
I’ll make a note in my diary
lecture notes
a short comment on or explanation of a word or passage in a book or article; an annotation:
see note iv above
2a short informal letter or written message:
I left her a note explaining where I was going
a short official document certifying a particular thing:
you need a sick note from your doctor
an official letter sent from the representative of one government to another:
the Secretariat sent a diplomatic note to the embassy protesting about the sale of arms
3British a banknote:
a ten-pound note
a written promise or notice of payment of various kinds:
a credit note
4a single tone of definite pitch made by a musical instrument or the human voice:
the last notes of the symphony died away
a written sign representing the pitch and duration of a musical note.
a key of a piano or similar instrument:
black notes
a bird’s song or call, or a single tone in this:
the tawny owl has a harsh flight note
5 [in singular] a particular quality or tone that reflects or expresses a mood or attitude:
there was a note of scorn in her voice
the decade could have ended on an optimistic note
any of the basic components of a fragrance or flavour:
the fresh note of bergamot
[with object]
1notice or pay particular attention to (something):
he noted his mother’s unusual gaiety
[with clause]:
please note that you will not receive a reminder that final payment is due
remark upon (something) in order to draw attention to it:
we noted earlier the difficulties inherent in this strategy
2record (something) in writing:
he noted down her address on a piece of paper

of note
1worth paying attention to:
many of his comments are worthy of note
2important; distinguished:
Roman historians of note include Livy, Tacitus, and Sallust
strike (or hit) a false note
appear insincere or inappropriate:
she greeted him gushingly, and that struck a false note
strike (or sound) a note of
express (a particular feeling or view) about something:
he sounded a note of caution about the trend towards health foods
strike (or hit) the right (or wrong) note
say or do something in a way that that is very suitable (or unsuitable) for a particular audience or occasion:
the republicans appeared to strike exactly the right note with the electorate
take note
pay attention:
employers should take note of the needs of disabled people