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Pronunciation of Noses: Learn how to pronounce Noses in English correctly

Learn how to say Noses correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word nose:

the part of the human face between the mouth and the eyes, having two openings and cavities behind them for breathing and smelling
the part that corresponds to this in animals; snout, muzzle, etc.
the sense of smell
the overall smell of a wine; bouquet
the power of tracking or perceiving by or as if by scent ⇒ a nose for news
anything resembling a nose in shape or position; projecting or foremost part, as a nozzle, spout, prow of a ship, front of an airplane, etc.
the nose regarded as a symbol of prying or meddling ⇒ to poke one’s nose into another’s affairs
(slang) a police spy or informer
transitive verb
Word forms: nosed, ˈnosing
to discover or perceive by or as if by the sense of smell
to touch or rub with the nose
to push with the nose (with aside, open, etc.)
to make or push (a way, etc.) cautiously or slowly with the front forward ⇒ the ship nosed its way into the harbor
intransitive verb
to smell; sniff
to pry inquisitively
to move cautiously or slowly with the front end forward

Example Sentences Including ‘nose’

A hiding place under everybody’s nose , yet almost impossible to find.
Lisa Scottoline ROUGH JUSTICE (2001)
Witmer said a nose can even condense some moisture from the air, helping an animal preserve fluids, which is important in arid regions.
WIRED (2001)
Then each time a student reads a list of words correctly, Miller draws big ears or a humongous nose on the face.
Chrestomanci looked up at Zond and thoughtfully blew his nose.
Diana Wynne Jones MIXED MAGICS COLLECTION (2000)