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Pronunciation of Nose-Dive: Learn how to pronounce Nose-Dive in English correctly

Learn how to say Nose-Dive correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word nose dive:

a swift, steep downward plunge of an airplane, with the nose toward the earth
any sudden, sharp drop, as in profits
Derived Forms
ˈnose-ˌdive intransitive verb
(ˈnose-ˌdived, ˈnose-ˌdiving)
Example Sentences Including ‘nose dive’

In A Love Song for Bobby Long, Travolta plays a former literature professor whose life has taken an alcohol-fueled nose dive.
USA TODAY (2005)
It was a downward trend, her strategies for coping taking a nose dive.
Glasser, Naomi (editor) & Glasser, William (designer) CONTROL THEORY IN THE PRACTICE OF REALITY THERAPY (1989)