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Pronunciation of Neanderthal: Learn how to pronounce Neanderthal in English correctly

Learn how to say Neanderthal correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word Neanderthal:

(also Neanderthal man) an extinct species of human that was widely distributed in ice-age Europe between circa 120,000 and 35,000 years ago, with a receding forehead and prominent brow ridges. The Neanderthals were associated with the Mousterian flint industry of the Middle Palaeolithic.
Homo neanderthalensis; now usually regarded as a separate species from H. sapiens and probably at the end of a different evolutionary line
an uncivilized, unintelligent, or uncouth man:
the stereotype of the mechanic as a macho Neanderthal
relating to Neanderthals:
a Neanderthal axe
(of a man) uncivilized, unintelligent, or uncouth:
they were pushed back by Neanderthal security guards

mid 19th century: from Neanderthal, the name of a region in Germany (now Neandertal) where remains of Neanderthal man were found

Spelling help

Remember that Neanderthal begins with a capital N and ends with -thal.