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Pronunciation of Narrow: Learn how to pronounce Narrow in English correctly

Learn how to say Narrow correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word narrow:

adjective (narrower, narrowest)
1of small width in relation to length:
he made his way down the narrow road
2limited in extent, amount, or scope:
they ate a narrow range of foods
(of a person’s attitude or beliefs) limited in range and unwilling or unable to appreciate alternative views:
companies fail through their narrow view of what contributes to profit
precise or strict in meaning:
the idea of nationalism in the narrowest sense of the word
(of a phonetic transcription) showing fine details of accent.
3(especially of a victory, defeat, or escape) with only a small margin; barely achieved:
the home team just hung on for a narrow victory
4 Phonetics denoting a vowel pronounced with the root of the tongue drawn back so as to narrow the pharynx.
1become or make less wide:
[no object]:
the road narrowed and crossed an old bridge
[with object]:
the Victoria Embankment was built to narrow the river
almost close (one’s eyes) so as to focus on something, or to indicate anger or other emotion:
[with object]:
she narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously
[no object]:
her eyes narrowed as she looked at him
2become or make more limited in extent or scope:
[no object]:
the gap between the sexes is narrowing
the trade surplus narrowed to £70 m in January
[with object]:
the committee narrowed the selection to three designers
a narrow channel connecting two larger areas of water:
there was a car ferry across the narrows of Loch Long