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Pronunciation of Myceneans: Learn how to pronounce Myceneans in English correctly

Learn how to say Myceneans correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word Mycenaean:

(also Mycenean)
relating to or denoting a late Bronze Age civilization in Greece represented by finds at Mycenae and other ancient cities of the Peloponnese.
an inhabitant of Mycenae or member of the Mycenaean people.
The Mycenaeans controlled the Aegean after the fall of the Minoan civilization circa 1400 bc, and built fortified citadels and impressive palaces. They spoke a form of Greek, written in a distinctive script (see Linear B), and their culture is identified with that portrayed in the Homeric poems. Their power declined during widespread upheavals at the end of the Mediterranean Bronze Age, around 1100 bc