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Pronunciation of My Goodness: Learn how to pronounce My Goodness in English correctly

Learn how to say My Goodness correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word goodness:

1the quality of being good:
a belief in the basic goodness of mankind
2the beneficial or nourishing element of food.
(as a substitution for ‘God’) expressing surprise, anger, etc.:
goodness knows why she didn’t go herself
my goodness, you gave me quite a fright!

for goodness’ sake
see sake1.
goodness of fit
Statistics the extent to which observed data matches the values expected by theory.
have the goodness to do something
used in exaggeratedly polite requests:
have the goodness to look at me when I’m speaking to you

Old English g┼Źdnes (see good, -ness)