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Pronunciation of Murmuring: Learn how to pronounce Murmuring in English correctly

Learn how to say Murmuring correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word murmur:

1a low continuous background noise:
the distant murmur of traffic
2a softly spoken or almost inaudible utterance:
a quiet murmur of thanks
the quiet or subdued expression of a particular feeling by a group of people:
there were murmurs of dissent from his colleagues
3 Medicine a recurring sound heard in the heart through a stethoscope that is usually a sign of disease or damage:
she had been born with a heart murmur
1 [reporting verb] say something in a low or indistinct voice:
[with object]:
Nina murmured an excuse and hurried away
[with direct speech]:
‘How interesting,’ he murmured quietly
[no object] (murmur against) archaic express one’s discontent about (someone or something) in a subdued manner:
now they do not simply murmur against him, they quarrel noisily with him
2 [no object] make a low continuous sound:
the wind was murmuring through the trees

without a murmur
without complaining:
he paid for the meal without a murmur


late Middle English: from Old French murmure, from murmurer ‘to murmur’, from Latin murmurare, from murmur ‘a murmur’