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Pronunciation of Murderers: Learn how to pronounce Murderers in English correctly

Learn how to say Murderers correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word murder:

1the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another:
the brutal murder of a German holidaymaker
[mass noun]:
he was put on trial for attempted murder
2 [mass noun] informal a very difficult or unpleasant task or experience:
the 40-mile-per-hour winds at the summit were murder
[with object]
1kill (someone) unlawfully and with premeditation:
he was accused of murdering his wife’s lover
2 informal punish severely or be very angry with:
my father will murder me if I’m home late
conclusively defeat (an opponent) in a game or sport.
spoil by lack of skill or knowledge:
the only thing he had murdered was the English language
chiefly British consume (food or drink) greedily or with relish:
I could murder some chips
get away with (blue) murder
informal succeed in doing whatever one chooses without being punished or suffering any disadvantage:
some local authorities are letting estate agents get away with murder
murder one (or two)
North American informal first-degree (or second-degree) murder.
murder will out
murder cannot remain undetected.
scream (or yell) blue (or North American bloody) murder
informal make an extravagant and noisy protest:
if it gets into the papers, she’ll be down here screaming blue murder
Old English morthor, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch moord and German Mord, from an Indo-European root shared by Sanskrit marĂ¡ ‘death’ and Latin mors; reinforced in Middle English by Old French murdre