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Pronunciation of Mugged: Learn how to pronounce Mugged in English correctly

Learn how to say Mugged correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word mug:

1a large cup, typically cylindrical with a handle and used without a saucer:
she picked up her coffee mug
the contents of a mug:
I drank a mug of tea
2 informal a person’s face:
I don’t want to see Barry’s ugly mug when I get home
3British informal a stupid or gullible person:
they were no mugs where finance was concerned
4US informal a hoodlum or thug.
verb (mugs, mugging, mugged)
1 [with object] attack and rob (someone) in a public place:
he was mugged by three men who stole his bike
2 [no object] make faces, especially silly or exaggerated ones, before an audience or a camera:
he mugged for the camera
a mug’s game
informal an activity in which it is foolish to engage because it is likely to be unsuccessful or dangerous:
playing with drugs is a mug’s game
noun (plural mugfuls)
early 16th century (originally Scots and northern English, denoting an earthenware bowl): probably of Scandinavian origin; compare with Norwegian mugge, Swedish mugg ‘pitcher with a handle’