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Pronunciation of Much: Learn how to pronounce Much in English correctly

Learn how to say Much correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word much:

determiner & pronoun (more, most)
[often with negative or in questions]
a large amount:
[as determiner]:
I didn’t get much sleep that night
I did so much shopping
[as pronoun]:
he does not eat much
they must bear much of the blame
[as pronoun, with negative] used to refer disparagingly to someone or something as being a poor specimen:
I’m not much of a gardener
to a great extent; a great deal:
did it hurt much?
thanks very much
they did not mind, much to my surprise
[with comparative]:
they look much better
[usually with negative or in questions] for a large part of one’s time; often:
I’m not there much