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Pronunciation of Mowers: Learn how to pronounce Mowers in English correctly

Learn how to say Mowers correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word mow:

verb (past participle mowed or mown)
[with object]
1cut down (grass) with a machine:
Roger mowed the lawn
(as adjective mown)
the delicious smell of newly mown grass
chiefly historical cut down (grass or a cereal crop) with a scythe:
(as adjective mown)
their job was to rake the mown corn ready for carting
Phrasal Verbs

mow someone down
kill someone with a fusillade of bullets or other missiles:
he was mown down in a hail of machine-gun bullets
recklessly knock down someone with a car or other vehicle:
a father-of-four was mown down and killed as he cycled home from work


Old English māwan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch maaien, German mähen ‘mow’, also to mead2