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Pronunciation of Movers: Learn how to pronounce Movers in English correctly

Learn how to say Movers correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word mover:

1a person or thing that moves:
she’s a lovely mover
job movers
chiefly North American a person whose job is to remove and transport furniture from one house to another:
he watched movers load the remaining boxes on an 18-wheel van
2a person who makes a formal proposal at a meeting or in an assembly:
movers and seconders rise and give speeches
a person who instigates or organizes something:
she was the key mover in making this successful conference happen

mover and shaker
a powerful person who initiates events and influences people:
a newspaper profile portrayed the man as a mover and shaker on Wall Street
[from movers and shakers, a phrase from O’Shaughnessy’s Music & Moonlight (1874)]