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Pronunciation of Mouths: Learn how to pronounce Mouths in English correctly

Learn how to say Mouths correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word mouth:

Pronunciation: /maʊθ/
(plural mouths /maʊðz/)
1the opening and cavity in the lower part of the human face, surrounded by the lips, through which food is taken in and vocal sounds are emitted:
Ben stood transfixed with disbelief, his mouth open
he leaned over and kissed her on the mouth
she could have bitten her tongue the moment the words left her mouth
the opening through which an animal takes in food, corresponding to the human mouth:
the carp picks up the bait by sucking it into its mouth
[usually with adjective] a horse’s readiness to feel and obey the pressure of the bit in its mouth:
the horse had a hard mouth
the character or quality of a wine as judged by its feel or flavour in the mouth (rather than its aroma).
[mass noun] informal talkativeness or impudence:
you’ve got more mouth on you than any woman I’ve ever known
2an opening or entrance to a hollow, concave, or enclosed structure:
the mouth of a cave
the opening for filling or emptying a container:
the mouth of the bottle
the muzzle of a gun:
why would anyone want to be shot out of the mouth of a cannon?
the place where a river enters the sea:
a pool at the mouth of the river
the opening or entrance to a harbour or bay:
sand from the beach is silting up the harbour mouth
Pronunciation: /maʊð/
[with object]
1move the lips as if saying (something):
she mouthed a silent farewell
[with direct speech]:
‘Come on,’ he mouthed
say (something dull or unoriginal), especially in a pompous or affected way:
this clergyman mouths platitudes in breathy, soothing tones
utter very clearly and distinctly:
she would carefully mouth the right pronunciation
2take in or touch with the mouth:
puppies may mouth each other’s collars during play
train the mouth of (a horse) so that it responds to a bit:
the young horse was being mouthed, or bitted, for the first time