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Pronunciation of Motioned: Learn how to pronounce Motioned in English correctly

Learn how to say Motioned correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word motion:

1 [mass noun] the action or process of moving or being moved:
the laws of planetary motion
a cushioned shoe that doesn’t restrict motion
flowing blonde hair that was constantly in motion
[count noun] a gesture:
she made a motion with her free hand
[count noun] a piece of moving mechanism:
the earliest engines had the Gresley conjugated motion for the middle cylinder
2a formal proposal put to a legislature or committee:
opposition parties tabled a no-confidence motion
Law an application for a rule or order of court:
often the defendant contributes to the length of proceedings by filing many procedural motions
3British an evacuation of the bowels:
73% of the patients had fewer than three bowel motions a day
her mother put on her nappy for her to pass a motion
[with object and adverbial of direction]
direct or command (someone) with a movement of the hand or head:
he motions her towards the lift
[with object and infinitive]:
he motioned the young officer to sit down
go through the motions
1do something perfunctorily, without any enthusiasm or commitment:
no drive, no ambition; the team was just turning up to go through the motions
2simulate an action:
a child goes through the motions of washing up
set in motion
start something moving or working:
the mobile of five clouds is set in motion by a little fan
start or trigger a process or series of events:
plunging oil prices set in motion an economic collapse
late Middle English: via Old French from Latin motio(n-), from movere ‘to move’