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Pronunciation of Mothballing: Learn how to pronounce Mothballing in English correctly

Learn how to say Mothballing correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word mothball:

(usually mothballs)
a small pellet of a pungent substance, typically naphthalene, put in among stored garments to keep away clothes moths.
[with object]
1store (clothes) with mothballs.
2stop using (a piece of equipment or a building) but keep it in good condition so that it can readily be used again:
it would cost the company a lot of money just to mothball the mine
(as adjective mothballed)
mothballed ships from World War II
cancel or postpone work on (a plan or project):
plans to invest in four superstores have been mothballed
in mothballs
unused but kept in good condition for future use:
it was no use keeping aircraft in mothballs without fully trained crews to fly them