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Pronunciation of Mosses: Learn how to pronounce Mosses in English correctly

Learn how to say Mosses correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word moss:

1 [mass noun] a small flowerless green plant which lacks true roots, growing in low carpets or rounded cushions in damp habitats and reproducing by means of spores released from stalked capsules:
the trees are overgrown with vines and moss
[count noun]:
the bog is home to rare mosses
Class Musci, division Bryophyta
used in names of algae, lichens, and higher plants resembling moss, e.g. reindeer moss, Ceylon moss, Spanish moss.
2 (also moss green) [mass noun] a green colour like that of moss.
3Scottish & Northern English a bog, especially a peat bog.
[with object] (usually as adjective mossed)
cover with moss:
the mossed old trees
Old English mos ‘bog or moss’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch mos and German Moos