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Pronunciation of Mondays: Learn how to pronounce Mondays in English correctly

Learn how to say Mondays correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word Monday:

the day of the week before Tuesday and following Sunday:
I saw him on Monday
the Monday before last
she’s only in the office on Mondays
chiefly North American
on Monday:
I’ll ring you Monday
(Mondays) on Mondays; each Monday:
the restaurant is closed Mondays
Old English Mōnandæg ‘day of the moon’, translation of late Latin lunae dies; compare with Dutch maandag and German Montag

Our names for days of the week are based on translations of Latin terms: days of the week in ancient Rome were named after the planets, a category which at that time was considered to include the moon and the sun (after which Sunday was named)