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Pronunciation of Moments: Learn how to pronounce Moments in English correctly

Learn how to say Moments correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word moment:

1a very brief period of time:
she was silent for a moment before replying
a few moments later he returned to the office
an exact point in time:
she would always remember the moment they met
an appropriate time for doing something; an opportunity:
I was waiting for the right moment to tell him
a particular stage in the development of something or in a course of events:
one of the great moments in aviation history
2 [mass noun] formal importance:
the issues were of little moment to the electorate
3 Physics a turning effect produced by a force acting at a distance on an object.
the magnitude of a turning effect produced by a force acting at a distance, expressed as the product of the force and the distance from its line of action to a given point.
4 Statistics a quantity that expresses the average or expected value of the first, second, third, or fourth power of the deviation of each component of a frequency distribution from a given value, typically mean or zero. The first moment is the mean, the second moment the variance, the third moment the skew, and the fourth moment the kurtosis.
any moment (or at any moment)
very soon:
my father will be here any moment now
she looked as though at any moment she might burst into tears
at the (or this) moment
at the present time; now:
he’s in bed at the moment
for the moment
for now:
I decided that, for the moment, I’d keep quiet
have a moment
informal be currently popular or in fashion:
the hitherto unfashionable Tyrol is currently having a moment
Brady believes foreign language films definitely had a moment about 7 years ago
have one’s (or its) moments
have short periods that are better or more impressive than others:
the LP may not be the best album of the year, but it has its moments
in a moment
1very soon:
I’ll be back in a moment
the fugitive was captured in a moment
live for the moment
live or act without worrying about the future:
Pisceans hate routine and like to live for the moment
the moment ——
as soon as ——:
the heavens opened the moment we left the house
moment of truth
a time when a person or thing is tested, a decision has to be made, or a crisis has to be faced:
the moment of truth for most German children comes at the end of Grade 4
[with allusion to the final sword thrust in a bullfight]
not a moment too soon
almost too late.
not for a (or one) moment
not at all; never:
she had not for one moment doubted that everything would go her way
of the moment
currently popular, famous, or important:
the buzzword of the moment
one moment (or just a moment)
a request for someone to wait for a short period of time:
‘One moment, please, while I check the bookings,’ the waiter said
share a moment
informal experience a joint sensation of heightened emotion:
Alan and Bridget shared a moment yesterday after the memorial service
late Middle English: from Latin momentum (see momentum)