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Pronunciation of Molds: Learn how to pronounce Molds in English correctly

Learn how to say Molds correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word mould:

1a hollow container used to give shape to molten or hot liquid material when it cools and hardens:
the smith would pour the molten metal into the shaped mould
a jelly mould
a pudding or savoury mousse made in a mould:
a lobster mould with a sauce of carrots and port
2 [in singular] a distinctive and typical style, form, or character:
he’s a superb striker in the same mould as Gary Lineker
he planned to conquer the world as a roving reporter in the mould of his hero
archaic form or shape, especially the features or physique of a person or the build of an animal:
he was manly in size, mould, and bearing
3a frame or template for producing mouldings:
all the moulds, masters or originals, had been kept for reference
[with object]
1form (an object) out of malleable material:
mould the figure from white fondant
give a shape to (malleable material):
take the marzipan and mould it into a cone shape
influence the formation or development of:
the professionals who were helping to mould US policy
2 (as adjective moulded) (of a column, ceiling, or other part of a building) having a decorative moulding:
a corridor with a moulded cornice
break the mould
put an end to a restrictive pattern of events or behaviour by doing things in a markedly different way:
his work did much to break the mould of the old urban sociology
Middle English: apparently from Old French modle, from Latin modulus (see modulus)

Spelling help
Remember that mould and the related word mouldy are spelled with a u after the o (the spellings mold and moldy are American).