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Pronunciation of Modifier: Learn how to pronounce Modifier in English correctly

Learn how to say Modifier correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word modify:

verb (modifies, modifying, modified)
[with object]
make partial or minor changes to (something):
she may be prepared to modify her views
Biology transform (a structure) from its original anatomical form during development or evolution:
(as adjective modified)
the traps of insectivorous plants are modified leaves
Grammar (especially of an adjective) restrict or add to the sense of (a noun):
the target noun is modified by a ‘direction’ word
Phonetics pronounce (a speech sound) differently from the norm for that sound.
Pronunciation: /-fɪkeɪt(ə)ri/
late Middle English: from Old French modifier, from Latin modificare, from modus (see mode)