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Pronunciation of Mixes: Learn how to pronounce Mixes in English correctly

Learn how to say Mixes correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word mix:

[with object]
1combine or put together to form one substance or mass:
peppercorns are sometimes mixed with other spices
these two chemicals, when mixed together, literally explode
[no object, often with negative] (of different substances) be able to be combined to form one substance or mass:
oil and water don’t mix
make or prepare by combining various ingredients:
mixing concrete is hard physical work
juxtapose or put together to form a whole whose constituent parts are still distinct:
he continues to mix an off-hand sense of humour with a sharp insight
2 [no object] (of a person) associate with others socially:
the people he mixed with were nothing to do with show business
3(especially in sound recording) combine (two or more signals or soundtracks) into one:
up to eight tracks can be mixed simultaneously
produce (a sound signal or recording) by combining a number of separate signals or recorded soundtracks:
it was everyone’s dream to mix their album in their front room
4 (mix it) informal be belligerent physically or verbally:
he can’t afford to mix it any more with a six-month suspended ban hanging over him
1 [usually in singular] two or more different qualities, things, or people placed, combined, or considered together:
the decor is a fascinating mix of antique and modern
a group of people of different types within a particular society or community:
the school has a good social mix
the proportion of different people or other constituents that make up a mixture:
arriving at the correct mix of full-time to part-time staff
trousers made from a cotton and polyester mix
2 [often with modifier] a commercially prepared mixture of ingredients for making a particular type of food or a product such as concrete:
cake mixes have made cooking easier
3 [often with modifier] a version of a recording in which the component tracks are mixed in a different way from the original:
a dance mix version of ‘This Charming Man’
an image or sound produced by the combination of two separate images or sounds:
titling mixes are added when vision and sound are still on separate film
be (or get) mixed up in
be (or become) involved in (something regarded as dubious or dishonest):
Steve was mixed up in an insurance swindle
be (or get) mixed up with
be (or become) associated with (someone unsuitable or unreliable):
how did you get mixed up with that layabout?
mix and match
select and combine different but complementary items, such as clothing or pieces of equipment, to form a coordinated set:
mix and match this season’s colours for a combination that says ‘winter’
[as modifier]:
a mix-and-match menu
mix one’s drinks
drink different kinds of alcohol in close succession:
he’d been going from bar to bar, mixing his drinks
Phrasal Verbs
mix something up
1spoil the order or arrangement of a collection of things:
disconnect all the cables, mix them up then try to reconnect them
2 (mix someone/thing up) confuse someone or something with another person or thing:
I’d got her mixed up with her sister
late Middle English: back-formation from mixed (taken as a past participle)