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Pronunciation of Mixer: Learn how to pronounce Mixer in English correctly

Learn how to say Mixer correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word mixer:

1a machine for mixing things, especially an electrical appliance for mixing foods:
a food mixer
2 [with adjective] a person considered in terms of their ability to mix socially with others:
media people need to be good mixers
North American a social gathering at which people can make new acquaintances.
3a soft drink that can be mixed with alcohol:
use low-calorie mixers in your cocktails
[mass noun] a type of dry pet food which can be mixed with moist tinned food:
dogs must be fed with an equal volume of canned food and mixer
4(in sound recording and cinematography) a device for merging input signals to produce a combined output in the form of sound or pictures.
a person who operates a signals mixer:
a sound mixer