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Pronunciation of Mischief-Maker: Learn how to pronounce Mischief-Maker in English correctly

Learn how to say Mischief-Maker correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word mischief:

[mass noun]
1playful misbehaviour, especially on the part of children:
she’ll make sure Danny doesn’t get into mischief
playfulness that is intended to tease or create trouble:
her eyes twinkled with irrepressible mischief
2harm or trouble caused by someone or something:
she was bent on making mischief
[count noun] archaic a person responsible for harm or annoyance.
3 Law a wrong or hardship that a statute is designed to remove or for which the common law affords a remedy:
the statute was passed to prevent a mischief in respect of which the defendant was already under a duty at common law

do someone (or oneself) a mischief
British informal injure someone or oneself:
I would have done myself a mischief if I’d carried on

late Middle English (denoting misfortune or distress): from Old French meschief, from the verb meschever, from mes- ‘adversely’ + chever ‘come to an end’ (from chef ‘head’)