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Pronunciation of Minty: Learn how to pronounce Minty in English correctly

Learn how to say Minty correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word mint:

a place where money is coined, especially under state authority:
die links between coins indicate that they were made at the same mint
(a mint) informal a large sum of money:
the curtains had cost a mint
the bank made a mint from the upheaval in the money markets
(of an object) in pristine condition; as new:
a pair of speakers, mint, £160
British very good:
there was Dean, looking really mint in his new jacket
[with object]
make (a coin) by stamping metal:
only coins of a relatively high denomination were minted
(usually as adjective, with submodifier minted) produce for the first time:
an example of newly minted technology

in mint condition
(of an object) new or as new:
the stamps are packaged to arrive in mint condition

Old English mynet ‘coin’, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch munt and German Münze, from Latin moneta ‘money’. The adjective derives from an elliptical use of in mint condition