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Pronunciation of Minor: Learn how to pronounce Minor in English correctly

Learn how to say Minor correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word minor:

1lesser in importance, seriousness, or significance:
she requested a number of minor alterations
2 Music (of a scale) having intervals of a semitone between the second and third degrees, and (usually) the fifth and sixth, and the seventh and eighth. Contrasted with major.
(of an interval) characteristic of a minor scale and less by a semitone than the equivalent major interval:
the E flat clarinet sounds a minor third higher than the written notes
Compare with diminished.
[usually postpositive] (of a key or mode) based on a minor scale and tending to produce a sad or pensive effect:
Concerto in A minor
3British dated (following a surname in public schools) indicating the younger of two brothers:
Smith minor
4 Logic (of a term) occurring as the subject of the conclusion of a categorical syllogism.
(of a premise) containing the minor term in a categorical syllogism.
1a person under the age of full legal responsibility:
the court would take account of the minor’s wishes
2 Music a minor key, interval, or scale.
Bell-ringing a system of change-ringing using six bells.
3 (minors) North American the minor leagues in baseball or American football:
Salinas was one of six teams in the minors
4North American a student’s subsidiary subject or course:
a minor in American Indian studies
5 Logic a minor term or premise.
6 Bridgeshort for minor suit.
a bid of two no trumps shows strength in the minors
7a small drab moth which has purplish caterpillars that feed on grass.
Genus Oligia, family Noctuidae
[no object] (minor in) North American
study as or qualify in a subsidiary subject at college or university:
Clark had minored in Animal Science

in a minor key
(especially of a literary work) understated:
only Britain’s poetry, composed in a minor key, is disregarded

Middle English: from Latin, ‘smaller, less’; related to minuere ‘lessen’. The term originally denoted a Franciscan friar, suggested by the Latin name Fratres Minores ( ‘Lesser Brethren’), chosen by St Francis for the order