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Pronunciation of Miniscule: Learn how to pronounce Miniscule in English correctly

Learn how to say Miniscule correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word minuscule:

1extremely small; tiny:
a minuscule fragment of DNA
informal so small as to be insignificant:
he believed the risk of infection was minuscule
2of or in lower-case letters, as distinct from capitals or uncials.
of or in a small cursive script of the Roman alphabet, with ascenders and descenders, developed in the 7th century ad.
[mass noun]
minuscule script:
the humanistic hands of the 15th century were based on the Carolingian minuscule
[count noun] a small or lower-case letter.

Pronunciation: /mɪˈnʌskjʊlə/

early 18th century: from French, from Latin minuscula (littera) ‘somewhat smaller (letter)’

The standard spelling is minuscule rather than miniscule. The latter form is a very common one (accounting for almost half of citations for the term in the Oxford English Corpus), and has been recorded since the late 19th century. It arose by analogy with other words beginning with mini-, where the meaning is similarly ‘very small’. It is now so widely used that it can be considered as an acceptable variant, although it should be avoided in formal contexts.